The Smarter the Woman is…

… The more difficult it is for her to find the right man.

Why? Because smart women need much more from a man than basic needs. As you may know, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs introduces the five needs that can be divided into two major categories – basic (physiological, safety, love and esteem) and growth needs (self-actualization).

While the majority of women is happy with a man who works, makes money and fulfills their physical needs, and other small category also values the respect and attention their men pay to them, you may also aknowledge the existence of another type of women – for those all of the above aren’t enough. What do these women want, now?

Well, it’s simple. When a woman is self-sufficient, independent and provides for herself, she needs a man who can give her something she can’t have just by her own. She can shop for groceries alright, have a house, pay the bills. So when she will think about a man, she will raise the question of ‘How could that man bring added value to my life?’.

To a woman like this, a man is much more than a source of money or attention. She knows too well who she really is, she’s confident and doesn’t need attention. She aims for respect, but that’s not all. Starting from there, she needs someone with whom she can have real conversations, someone to mentally stimulate her. Her type of man would be sensitive enough to understand her but strong enough to be a support when needed. She will want someone who respects her, but more than that she will need someone who gives her something to respect in return.

Just like she is, she will give her attention to a self-sufficient but not ego-centered man. Because the both of them can build a relationship in which they can help eachother. blog post single women smart woman difficult to find a man



So, in today’ world, what chances does a strong woman have to find the right man? I wonder…

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