31 Days Challenge, Day 8 – The Aww Factor

Know those ‘aww’-moments that you only see in the movies? Okay, well read this one.

It was 4 years ago that I started dating this guy obsessed with McD’s Happy Meal toys. He was a big baby and collected them. (Well, that didn’t ring a bell then.)

And that month, they were having the Star Wars collection. Unfortunately, McD’s doesn’t always have the same toys in every location every week. So, to please him, one evening we started visiting every McD’s location in Bucharest, in order for him to have every toy.

In one location, the last one we got to, I was waiting outside for him as he went to get a Happy Meal. He came back and told me that they didn’t have any Star Wars toys, but they did have another interesting toy. And he just smiled as he stared at me. I wasn’t getting the sign he was trying to send. And honestly, I’m not the type of person to beg someone for anything. So I just let him do his thing.

He pulled out of the pocket a toy from the Barbie collection they had at that McD’s restaurant. It was Barbie’s ring and he asked me if we can stop dating and just have a real relationship already. And then he put the ring on my finger. It was just the perfect moment and I melted.


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And if this wasn’t enough, I’ll add in the story of how we met.

It was summer and I needed to go to the doctor, but mine was on holiday. So I asked around and got a recommendation that I immediately took. I was in a lot of pain that caused me not to sleep the last two nights before the ‘event’… You can imagine that I looked awful, not counting the tears running down my face and my red bloodshot eyes. So I step into the doctors’ office, a she-doctor, and she comes in. At some point, she calls her colleague to ask for an opinion… And then HE steps in. OMG, he was the most beautiful and perfect man I had ever seen. I was actually stunned, he was tall, athletic, dark brown eyes and dark hair. He was just amazing. And I looked like cr*p… Great!

The next day I asked my friend from whom I got the recommendation about this perfect man. I was supposed to go back in the doctors’ office for treatment and I needed to know how to act. And then, my funny friend picks up the phone and rings the doctor (with whom he was friends) and asks her about her colleague, telling her that I liked him. Ugh, I could just kill him right then and there, I was that mad at him! And the she-doctors’ reply was ‘Oh, that’s great, cause he likes her too’… I was just speechless. But I calmed down from being angry at my friend.

So, the next appointment that I had, I was all dolled-up. After finishing my appointment, I got out of the building and he comes running after me, to tell me he likes me and that he would like to take me out. He just lied to my doctor that he was going to get something to eat just for that, for me. Still, I had to play tough and asked him if his colleague (my doctor) knows that he does that to her patients. But honestly, I can’t remember a single thing after that, I was already under his spell. He had me head over heels.


anamariapopa.com blog post aww movies babrie ring funny


If this was a movie, we would be married with kids and be living happily ever after. But now it’s just a memory.

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