Terms and Conditions

Anamariapopa.com blog is a personal blog written by me, Ana Maria Popa. It addresses various themes including lifestyle, psychology, parenting, travel, social events, life events, movies and more, depending on the moment and subject I want to write about.

Anamariapopa.com site is free for anyone who wants to read and comment on published articles. The only rules are those of common sense and inter-human respect: no curses, no racism or other malicious thoughts that can harm the wellbeing or feelings of those present on the blog. I’m reserving the right to delete any comments that do not follow these basic ideas in this relationship.

I’d like to mention that all the articles and photos on the blog, apart from those not mentioned otherwise, belong to me. It is forbidden to copy them and if they are to be used by other websites or people, I request mentioning the source (as per legal terms) – anamariapopa.com blog.

Yours truly, Ana! 🙂