31 Days Challenge, Day 13 – Happy as A Child

This is the only time I got pulled over by the police for alcohol testing. And that is my item from the memory box.

Last winter I had made a friend, a special friend if you want it. The type of unusual and exceptional person you meet once in a lifetime. We knew eachother for a few years already before we got closer and started spending time together. What brought us together was our passion for driving and cars.

He owned this convertible with the right-side wheel and since I’m really curious, I started asking questions. A lot of questions. Maybe that’s the reason he already gave me the keys and asked me if I want to go for a ride and try it out, from the first day. Maybe he just wanted to stop that avalanche of words.

So we started hanging out a lot more and often. That included having fun and driving.

One winter night, at 2 degrees Celsius, we went for a ride with no specific destination. We got the roof down and I entered my happy mood. It’s amazing how wonderful it was to ride a converted car in wintertime, when it was freezing cold outside but in the inside everything was so nice.

We got out of the town and after not long, the police pulled us over. I was driving. The policeman went on the left side, where the wheel would normally be, but he had a little surprise. He actually said – ‘Okay, I’m gonna talk on the other side then’. I was literally laughing out loud. The policeman started looking confused at me and asked if it wasn’t a little cold for riding with the rooftop down. I started laughing even louder and answered that it’s pure joy. The policeman handed me the alcohol test and asked for ID and registration. When he saw that I hadn’t drink anything, he asked subtle if I was on anything else…



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I laughed because he really couldn’t believe how happy a simple ride in the night with the rooftop down could make me.  I was like a child. But since everything was okay, he let me go.

My next car is going to be a convertible, there – I’ve said it. I look good in it, don’t I?


anamariapopa.com blog post audi a4 convertible happiness romania seaside beach mamaia featured image ipanema

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