31 Days Challenge, Day 22 – Full Age

You already know that I had my 18th bday party at a gay’s club. If not, here you can read about it.

So, I had a really tough time finding a place for my party. I have this little habit of paying attention to details. So I would always find something that wasn’t right with the place. I was losing hope when I found this beautiful place that was cozy and had an Audrey Hepburn (I love her) picture on the wall, was painted in purple and had fluffy pillows. There was only one thing, one small detail – it was a gay club.

I still loved it so I went and stated my case in front of my mum, who was supposed to financially support my party. She understood the situation and I had it my way!

The owner of the club told me at the end of the party that she admired me for the determination I had to plan my party all alone, finding a plce included. And of course, she was surprised that I wanted her place to celebrate and that I even kept my word when I asked her to make the reservation.

In my memory box, the hand-written check holds a special place.


anamariapopa.com eighteen years old memories ana maria popa blog post

And from the pics taken at the party, this one is my fav, right from the cake moment 🙂

anamariapopa.com ana maria popa blog post full age

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