31 Days Challenge, Day 10 – Coincidence or Fate?

One day, me and a friend decided to go to the movies, and the cinema was located in a shopping mall. It was a Wednesday evening and the shopping mall was full and so was the underground parking. We were both by car so we searched for two parking spots that were kind of close to eachother.

At some point, I saw half a parking place near an empty one. The problem with the half parking spot was this: there was a car, a golden Mercedes occupying 2 parking spots and leaving half free on each side. Now I thought – ‘What an a-hole. I’ll show it to him’. So I squeezed my car into one half and left a note that said – ‘If you would please so kind and use the free space on the left to enter your car. Thank you in advance. Also, please don’t hurt my car, it’s my mothers’ and she’ll beat me if anything happens to it 🙂 Thank you again.’. My note was returned with the following answer – ‘If there’s any scratch, it’s not from me.’ And then a phone number written on the paper.


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My car was intact, so I felt the need to thank the human that had that Mercedes. On that note, I messaged him to let him know that everything was ok – I thought the man was worried, when he parked the way he did. I did that, and afterwards we started talking.

Funny thing is that we discovered that we are born on the same day – the 16th of December, we both studied Psychology and we were both an only child. Yes, we got deep with the talking.

Do you believe in coincidences?

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