31 Days, Day 4 – Beyond Comprehension

Now, this is creepy. Lovely and funny, but creepy.

It was my 18th bday, the moment when I came of age. So I was having a small party at a club. A gays club but hey, that was the only one that I liked. Don’t worry, I had the entire location booked, so none of  my male friends were ‘harmed’ during this.

Okay, so we were supposed to leave the coats at the wardrobe, so we did, regardless the fact we were the ones throwing the party. So the guy there gave every one us a number so he would know which coat belongs to whom. But at the end of the party, in all the hurry and tiredness we forgot to give the numbers back.

My mum had received the number 7 and I the number 16. The funny thing is that my mum is born on 7th of December and I am on the 16th of December. So, I was telling to a friend of mine what happened and that is seemed very freaky, and she told me she had also forgot to give back the number from the wardrobe and when she found it, it said 23. She was born on the 23rd of December… Okay, that is just plain spooky.

We haven’t figured it out, I guess it’s one of those things you just take as they come. Still, one of my fav memories!



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