31 Days Challenge, Day 15 – Barcelona of My Soul

Last year in September I went to Barcelona. I wrote about that here. And I loved it that much, that I came back in November also.

To me, Barcelona is the perfect place to be, regardless the reason or moment. I found there anything I wanted – fun, beach, beautiful people, sun, handsome men and nice girls, open-mindedness, peace, recreation, entertainment, ice-cream, shopping and sales, etcetera etcetera. Weird people also, but that’s not what I looked for, it’s another story.

When I was there in September, I witnessed their celebration of Catalonia – Diada Nacional de Catalunya, on the 11th of September. Me and my cousin went out that day and they were having a big fiesta, walking on the street and dancing and shouting and being happy and wearing flags or having their faces painted, even their bodies. I couldn’t help but join them. So I entered the first store and got the first Catalonia flag and that was it, I was part of them.

It was that simple.



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