31 Days Challenge, Day 14 – Angel

This is my angel. I received it as a present from a dear friend at Christmas time, a few years ago. About him – I wrote here. Regarding this memory, nothing else to add. It’s just somehting I love and I still feel it inside.



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Him, the guy who gave me this angel?  He was my highschool sweetheart and my deskmate for the last three years of that time.

During the first year I didn’t even talk to him, he was just this weird but funny guy, a buffoon. And then, one day I wanted someone to keep me company on my way home. And he was available. So we started talking and getting to know eachother. Not after long, I moved at the same desk as him. We were both kids and liked eachother, but really shy.

One day, there was this rainy day and we wanted to spend time with eachother, but none of us had money to go to a coffeehouse or somewhere out, so we started ‘traveling’ by bus. We would take the bus from one point to the end and act just like teenagers inlove do. But we wouldn’t kiss, because we were too nervous.

In the evening, he brought me home. The day was over and it was the conclusive moment. We would go like before as friends or we would kiss and be girlfriend and boyfriend… We stayed in front of my building, not knowing what to do… It was kind of like this:

‘Me: Okay, I guess this is it…

Him: Yeah, it seems like it…

Me: Okay then, goodnight – as I turned to go into the building.

Him: Ana… – he whispered softly.

Me: Yes? – I was answering hopeful.

Him: You know, when it started raining I gave you my headphones so they don’t get wet…

Me: Oh yeah.’

I felt really-really stupid and started looking for his headphones in my purse. That’s when he came closer to me and kissed me.

What followed was amazing, 4 years of love and memories and experiences and growing together… 🙂

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