31 Days Challenge, Day 22 – Full Age

You already know that I had my 18th bday party at a gay’s club. If not, here you can read about it.

So, I had a really tough time finding a place for my party. I have this little habit of paying attention to details. So I would always find something that wasn’t right with the place. I was losing hope when I found this beautiful place that was cozy and had an Audrey Hepburn (I love her) picture on the wall, was painted in purple and had fluffy pillows. There was only one thing, one small detail – it was a gay club.

I still loved it so I went and stated my case in front of my mum, who was supposed to financially support my party. She understood the situation and I had it my way!

The owner of the club told me at the end of the party that she admired me for the determination I had to plan my party all alone, finding a plce included. And of course, she was surprised that I wanted her place to celebrate and that I even kept my word when I asked her to make the reservation.

In my memory box, the hand-written check holds a special place.


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And from the pics taken at the party, this one is my fav, right from the cake moment 🙂

anamariapopa.com ana maria popa blog post full age

31 Days Challenge – Intro

Who doesn’t love a nice little challenge?

Well, in my many many wanderings through Social Media I found this blog and kind of a dare. As a person who loves those, I started reading. So, you have to write on your blog for 31 days, on any subject you like.

‘Oh boy, oh boy, that sounds lovely… And there were so many topics going through my mind… But…wait. I don’t have a blog… Yet.’

So that’s how it all started 🙂 I wanted a blog for so long but I was always unsure of what I would write on it. Even though I do have lots of stories to tell, at least my friends always tell me how interesting my life is and how I live every moment, something just wasn’t right. But when THIS came along, it felt just perfect. Maybe because just a few days before that, a friend of mine was annoyed with the fact that I was narrating a story and I only share it with a few people.

So, this is it. You’re on my blog now, so it exists, yey! I joined the ‘Write 31 Days’ Challenge, that starts on the 1st of October and I plan to write the whole month, one post a day. At least one that’s related to the topic I chose especially for this and then others of my day-to-day life.

You might be curious about my topic… But that’s going to come out when the time is right. Let me tell you a bit about ’31 Days’. So it’s an online writing challenge started by blogger Myquillyn Smith. And it’s where bloggers pick one topic and they write a post a day on it. There’s also a community where we post those articles, and also a Facebook group, so that everyone can read the ones they’re interested in the most.

I thought this was the perfect place for me to be in my blogging beginnings. It was all the motivation I needed, plus the social interaction with people that have the same determination and enthusiasm as me, but most of all, the same purpose.

I was looking at all those categories and I knew that I would never write on ‘House & Home’ or ‘Family Life’. In the end, I just knew that I belonged in the ‘Too Awesome to Categorize’ group. Ok, now may be the right time to tell you about my topic.

Initially, I was thinking about listing lovely words like ‘Sausade’ or ‘Wanderlust’, words that have a certain meaning that makes them interesting. But then, there would be no ‘ME’ in there… And since my friends tell me I have some interesting stories to tell, and they even got angry with the fact that I keep them to myself – there you have it, okay? I’m going to take out my memories box out of the closet and for the 31 days of October I will tell you 31 lovely, funny, stories that made my life until now.

After deciding on my topic, I needed just one other thing – a title. How was I supposed to call it? 31 Days of what? Memories, stories, happenings, they were all too specific. One dear friend even suggested ’31 Days of Sunshine’. I did like it, it just wasn’t right enough. And I got to thinking that all those memories were made at the right time with the right people for me to be a part of them. Most of them were unexpected, the people and/or the happenings, I wasn’t looking for either of them… And that made me remember my fav word in the whole world 🙂 I just felt it, it was right, it was ME. And that one word is ‘Serendipity’.


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To get the latest ‘31 Days’ posts, simply follow #Write31Days on Facebook. You’ll especially find me by following that hashtag of course, but also #ampblog and #31daysofserendipity, starting the 1st of October!

Anyone who wishes to take part in this lovely project can find more info here.


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