How to Apply for Vienna’s New Year Concert

Each year, the Wiener Philharmoniker in Viena holds the New Year Concert. wiener philharmoniker

The concert has an impressive tradition, being organized for the first time under incredible circumstances: during the 2nd World War, Clemens Strauss held a matinee on the 1st of January 1941 and so it played a big part in forming the Vienese individuality. The concerts aims to be a message of hope, friendship and peace, sent to the whole wide world at the beginning of every New Year.

The concert’s repertoire consists in the music of the Strauss dynasty and their contemporaries, and the tickets are given after a drawing, given the fact that there has been a high demand for that. The application for the tickets has to be submitted almost a year before, at the beginning of every year for the concert that follows. In order to do that, you need to create an account here and fill in your details: name, age, address, email, phone. Also, you will need to select the tickets you would like to get. The tickets vary depending on the concert you want to get at (preview performance, New Year’s Eve Concert, New Year’s Concert) and they cost between 20E and 1090E. You can register for each concert once. wiener philharmoniker new year concert vienna

The registration for the 2017 concert can be submitted online at the link of the Wiener Philharmoniker website until the 28th of February. After the drawing, the winners will be announced on the 7th of March, through email and also on the personal account page of the website.

At the moment that I applied, there were already over 200,000 applicants. I heard of people that have tried getting a ticket for many years in a row, but never got a positive answer. Still, if there is a wish for that, you can try each year because just submitting the applications doesn’t hurt. Starting there, your luck will tell.

Well, good luck with applying and getting the tickets you want! 🙂

31 Days Challenge, Day 25 – My Vienna

That I was in Vienna when I turned 18, you already know thanks to my Day 17 post. But what you don’t know is that my memory box also has stuff from there.

So, on our way to the Schonbrun Palace, me and my mum had a fight. I really can’t remember the subject of that, but I do remember it made me so mad that I started to ignore it. So, there we were waiting getting on the subway, when I saw an empty seat so I went to sit there. On the chair, there was an Airways chewing gum. I smiled and I thought – ‘Hey, this should be in my memory box’. I have no other comment on that, but it made me smile. blog post ana maria popa memories 31 days challenge vienna travel le meridien hotel december featured image


I’m addicted to chewing gum, but I haven’t used a single pill from there!


On another note, I really liked the cards that the hotel had for every room. So much that I kept one. Mine had an eye. my mum’s had lips. I saw that there were others with legs, hands, noses, etc. blog post ana maria popa memories 31 days challenge vienna travel le meridien hotel december 2008 blog post ana maria popa memories 31 days challenge vienna travel le meridien hotel december


I loved this hotel, even if the staff was gay. Yes, they had pretty boys wandering the halls of the hotel… Oh, and I also loved their breakfast buffet!!! Like really, they had everything and anything you can think of. And if they didn’t, they would made it especially for you! It was an incredible large room filled with food and most importantly, sweets!

Oh, I do need to go back there!… *feeling melancholic*

31 Days Challenge, Day 17 – My Fortune Cookie

I spent my 18th birthday in Vienna and I had a great time. I even met there a friend with whom I usually didn’t have time to meet in Bucharest and then when he wished me HB we found out that we were both there.

For this birthday I was planning a big party with many friends, in order to celebrate the fact that I was all ‘grown-up’. Beside the fact that I was gonna receive presents from my guests, I also wanted to have something to give them back. Nothing much, just a symbol for them, as a reminder of taking part in my party.

So, in Vienna I found these cute chinese fortune cookies and I bought A LOT of them! And I mean that when I say it, because I remember giving them to people at my party, spreading them in my family, I had some too, and I still had many left! And I started to invite friends at my place and treat them with fortune cookies.

One day, after we ate and before having the fortune cookies, the important question was asked – ‘Who’s gonna wash the dishes?’. We opened the fortune cookies and I was saved! Here’s what my fortune said:


fortune cookie blog post ana maria popa chinese vienna austria souvenir hands that touch this slip of paper will never have to wash dishes featured image



Thank God! 🙂