Receiving is an art…

Giving is easy, we all love to do that especially when it comes to material things. How about receiving?

I think we can all state, after looking at the people around us and including ourselves, that we might be pretty good givers, but we fail at the attempt of receiving – gifts, compliments, help, you name it.

Well, giving and receiving are key aspects of a complete experience when it comes to human interaction. Imagine if all of us would be great givers, who would receive what we feel the need to give? I know now, receiving isn’t easy, but how can we change that? And this one is a decisive question, not only because of the season we’re in.

Let’s look at it this way – How giving to others makes you feel? Do you feel appreciation? How about pride for making another person happy? So, it’s all about you. No problem, we all are kind of egotistic and do things in order to make ourselves feel better. Even when we help others. Let’s stop here for a second and look at the other person. How does he/she feel? Maybe, the thing you just offered saved them a lot of trouble. Or money. Maybe they truly needed your gift. Maybe they didn’t know they need it, and you just made them realize that. Again, it’s not about you – it’s about them.

So, why not let them give something back? Why not let them make you feel the way you made them feel? And eventually, in the most egotistic form, let them be like that for a change! Let them feel great for giving.

My personal opinion? I think we don’t know how to receive anything because of one single reason – We don’t know our worth. We don’t know what we deserve and we can’t accept the fact that someone figures it out (figures us out) better than ourselves. In the end, isn’t all of this about us and us only?

The next time you find yourself in a situation like this, remember the next: Those two – giving and receiving – should be a part of our daily experiences. If the giving part comes natural and we don’t always analyze its benefit, the receiving one is vital to our mental balance and spiritual connection.

Life tip: Accept compliments, enjoy gifts, appreciate the people you have around, make the most of every little thing that is given to you! How can you do that? Improving your communication skills would be an idea. A ‘thank you’ is nice, but how about ‘That is so sweet of you to say that’ or ‘I really appreciate you noticing that’? If you’re bold you can even try an ‘You made my day!’.

I challenge you to use of those at least once a day for a week, then watch your perspective change 🙂 blog post art of receiving giving keys of life holiday season winter christmas presents gifts surprise image

31 Days Challenge, Day 14 – Angel

This is my angel. I received it as a present from a dear friend at Christmas time, a few years ago. About him – I wrote here. Regarding this memory, nothing else to add. It’s just somehting I love and I still feel it inside.



angel post blog ana maria popa white christmas blessed happiness smile image



Him, the guy who gave me this angel?  He was my highschool sweetheart and my deskmate for the last three years of that time.

During the first year I didn’t even talk to him, he was just this weird but funny guy, a buffoon. And then, one day I wanted someone to keep me company on my way home. And he was available. So we started talking and getting to know eachother. Not after long, I moved at the same desk as him. We were both kids and liked eachother, but really shy.

One day, there was this rainy day and we wanted to spend time with eachother, but none of us had money to go to a coffeehouse or somewhere out, so we started ‘traveling’ by bus. We would take the bus from one point to the end and act just like teenagers inlove do. But we wouldn’t kiss, because we were too nervous.

In the evening, he brought me home. The day was over and it was the conclusive moment. We would go like before as friends or we would kiss and be girlfriend and boyfriend… We stayed in front of my building, not knowing what to do… It was kind of like this:

‘Me: Okay, I guess this is it…

Him: Yeah, it seems like it…

Me: Okay then, goodnight – as I turned to go into the building.

Him: Ana… – he whispered softly.

Me: Yes? – I was answering hopeful.

Him: You know, when it started raining I gave you my headphones so they don’t get wet…

Me: Oh yeah.’

I felt really-really stupid and started looking for his headphones in my purse. That’s when he came closer to me and kissed me.

What followed was amazing, 4 years of love and memories and experiences and growing together… 🙂

31 Days, Day 1 – I’m (Still) a Barbie Girl

Barbie dolls. Ever had one? It was crazy back in my time.

I remember how obsessed I was with them, and not only the dolls but with the accessories too… I was never the fancy one with the posh toys and I wished sooo much for whatever Barbie had, all of it! So when I got this Barbie car, the VW Beetle I wasn’t going to let it get away. Even if that meant making my little cousin cry… 🙁 blog post memories barbie pink vw beetle car childish ana maria popa (2)


But really now, he had his own car. Of course, it wasn’t pink and it didn’t write Barbie on it and it didn’t came with pink luggage and Coca-Cola cans or pink flowers… Because it was made for a girl, duh!

I got the car as present from my mothers’ cousin, at Christmas when I was in Paris many many years ago. I usually knew what I was gonna get for present, but this time I was completely blown away. Not only I had no idea about my present, but it was also what I had wished for for years and I just loved it! Words can’t express my surprise. So I wasn’t going to let anyone make me enjoy this less.

Still, he had his car received as a present, so that was and remained mine. As a proof, it’s still mine and I still play with it. blog post memories barbie pink vw beetle car childish ana maria popa


And the key ring, the little pink miniature VW beetle, is now holding my real car keys. blog post memories barbie pink vw beetle car key ring nissan almera car keys ana maria popa


I’m never gonna give it away, it’s my perfect childhood memory and that’s why it’s part of my memories box!