Shall We? Let’s!

These past few months have taught me new things and changed a lot of how I pictured life till 24. One of them is also about the online and about being there. Some logistical issues like not having internet connection led to not writing on the blog anymore. And when that happens, sometimes you miss it. Other times, you worry you might have forgotten how to even do it. But there are moments when you come up with new ideas! So this is it now, I’m back here and there’s a catch 😀 From now on, you’ll be able to find business articles as well as the personal ones.

The new category, The Communicatoraims to share information and details about PR, Social Media, Marketing, Blogging, Communication, Storytelling, Networking, Social Relations, so that they can be understood and practiced by anyone who needs them or is passionate about them. It’s important to mention that the articles and info here are what I find valuable and believe they make a change by being shared – situations that I have encountered in my own activity and experience in these last 4 years of being in the field. In case of needing further info or examples or just for asking complimentary questions, the communication remains open after the articles are being published, so we can keep in touch whether by commenting on the article or by private message, through the contact page.

On the other hand, The Human category will represent, as before, the side of personal experiences and lessons, events in everyday life. It is my pleasure to share with you stories that have taught me different things, that helped me grow. Because, at the end of the day, we are not alone in this world and we do have so much that we can help each other with, right? 🙂

While The Human will be available for reading in Romanian and English, The Communicator is gonna show articles in English exclusively.

Now, this being out in the open, I just gotta write and find no excuses for it! There’s internet connection, there’s a new laptop on my desk, I am excited as a dog seeing its owner, so I’m gonna go for it!

We’re starting with a first picture about what a PR Specialist is and what does he/she do… Enjoy!

FYI: Facebook introduces Legacy Contact

Facebook introduced yesterday new policy that allows a trusted friend of yours, designated as the ‘legacy contact‘, to pin a post on your Timeline, after your death. This acts more or less as a funeral announcement. Still, the designated friend won’t be able to log in on your account or read your messages, but he/she can respond to new friend requests and update your photos (profile and cover). Take note that your contact won’t be able to delete or change things already shared on your Timeline. blog post facebook legacy after death inherit profile Facebook-Memorial-Page-thumb featured image


As you may or may not know, before this, accounts could be memorialized, deleted or left unchanged, after friends or family reported the death. Memorializing meant freezing the account so it no longer appeared in searches or notifications. Now even with the legacy contact, accounts can still be deleted, if wanted so.

The legacy policy was requested by families and friends of the deceased, along with their wish of downloading the user’s photos and making announcements about the situation. Important to know is that this new policy is optional, it can be set only if you want to.

At the moment, this policy is available only in the US, but the social network plans to have it established around the world also, time frame unknown. When available in your country, and if you want to set it, just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Settings -> Security -> Legacy Contact

2. Choose your legacy contact and send a message to that contact (optional)

3. Select if you want to give permission to your legacy contact to download an archive of the photos, posts and profile info that you’ve shared on Facebook.


Featured photo: Mashable