31 Days Challenge, Day 10 – Coincidence or Fate?

One day, me and a friend decided to go to the movies, and the cinema was located in a shopping mall. It was a Wednesday evening and the shopping mall was full and so was the underground parking. We were both by car so we searched for two parking spots that were kind of close to eachother.

At some point, I saw half a parking place near an empty one. The problem with the half parking spot was this: there was a car, a golden Mercedes occupying 2 parking spots and leaving half free on each side. Now I thought – ‘What an a-hole. I’ll show it to him’. So I squeezed my car into one half and left a note that said – ‘If you would please so kind and use the free space on the left to enter your car. Thank you in advance. Also, please don’t hurt my car, it’s my mothers’ and she’ll beat me if anything happens to it 🙂 Thank you again.’. My note was returned with the following answer – ‘If there’s any scratch, it’s not from me.’ And then a phone number written on the paper.


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My car was intact, so I felt the need to thank the human that had that Mercedes. On that note, I messaged him to let him know that everything was ok – I thought the man was worried, when he parked the way he did. I did that, and afterwards we started talking.

Funny thing is that we discovered that we are born on the same day – the 16th of December, we both studied Psychology and we were both an only child. Yes, we got deep with the talking.

Do you believe in coincidences?

31 Days, Day 4 – Beyond Comprehension

Now, this is creepy. Lovely and funny, but creepy.

It was my 18th bday, the moment when I came of age. So I was having a small party at a club. A gays club but hey, that was the only one that I liked. Don’t worry, I had the entire location booked, so none of  my male friends were ‘harmed’ during this.

Okay, so we were supposed to leave the coats at the wardrobe, so we did, regardless the fact we were the ones throwing the party. So the guy there gave every one us a number so he would know which coat belongs to whom. But at the end of the party, in all the hurry and tiredness we forgot to give the numbers back.

My mum had received the number 7 and I the number 16. The funny thing is that my mum is born on 7th of December and I am on the 16th of December. So, I was telling to a friend of mine what happened and that is seemed very freaky, and she told me she had also forgot to give back the number from the wardrobe and when she found it, it said 23. She was born on the 23rd of December… Okay, that is just plain spooky.

We haven’t figured it out, I guess it’s one of those things you just take as they come. Still, one of my fav memories!



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31 Days, Day 3 – First Speed (Business) Meeting

I remember my first business meeting.

I was scared, terrified even. About two years ago, I got my first job at Swiss Ecodent Clinic thanks to my addiction to Facebook. I was already known for that and they needed someone to take care of their Facebook page. Later on, I was in charge with their other social media accounts. Since I represented them online, the natural thing was to take over the offline part too. So I started going to networking events.

The first event I took part in was a Speed Business Meeting. That was extremely new to me, but it sounded a bit like the Speed Dating Meeting I’ve seen in the movies. Well, the concept was basically the same: you would pick a card from a box and look at the number and the type of activity. The number indicated at which table you will start. Regarding the activity, you could stay at one table the whole time, while others move around you (‘fixe’ in Romanian) or you’d be the one to move around (‘mobil’ in Romanian).

My card said ‘3 – fixe’, so that meant that I would be sitting at one table and the others move around me, yey – that was what I was hoping for. And the number three is my favourite and the one that’s lucky to me. Even more, red is the colour that suits me best!

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It has every right to be in my memories box! 🙂