Turning a topic into an idea

Many people have a lot to say and write, but when it comes to actually doing it and share their stories or point of views with the others, something happens and words don’t go together as planned. In order to achieve the goal you set and be able to say ‘Yes, I did it! Read this – I wrote it!’, there are just a few simple steps to follow.

It doesn’t take a big detailed strategy, but it is important to ask two questions: ‘What are you interested in? and also of very high significance – ‘What are the other people interested in?‘. This goes both ways because you see, you really need to like the topic you are about to write about and do your research on and also, in order for it to be a success, you also need to think about what people are interested in reading about. A good way to find out what people’s interests are, is to research a bit the topics that go public online, in newspapers, at TV or at the radio.

Topics are general subjects or issues and they become an idea when you narrow it down to something. A topic can be about sports or the environment, technology or fashion. An idea is a plan or strategy about how to act on the topic you chose. An idea is a smaller part of the a topic and to see which one to write about, you can use the help of these following three factors: type, place and time.

The type of the topic is the actual niche that you have interest in. Such as, if you are passionate about fashion, think of whether the best idea is to write about shoes, clothes, bags or jewelry. When you got your mind set on a certain type, think of the place that you are writing about. It might be your city or country, or even a certain location or activity – going out to the fanciest restaurant. The time of the topic also helps. Think if you want to enhance an outfit that is trending this year. Or maybe you can compare the current trends with the ones last year. So, if you are passionate about fashion (topic), you can write about the appropriate outfits to wear when going out, according to current year’s trends (idea).

This being said, now it’s time for the research part. A great deal in writing is doing the right research before. Search the internet, read articles or news on the idea chosen, see what specialists in the field have to say about that. Make sure you have gathered accurate information before making it public!

At first, all this plan, strategy, steps might seem a bit difficult to you. You might wonder how can some people write one articles or story after another when there’s so much to do beforehand? Truth is – it gets easier in time. The first few times, you need to check the plan but afterwards it just comes natural and the steps have been already learned so that practice gets easier and easier and you will save a lot of time.

My advice to you is to write as much as you can. Think about topics and ideas as much as you can and research those. Practice makes perfect, remember!


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