31 Days Challenge, Day 17 – My Fortune Cookie

I spent my 18th birthday in Vienna and I had a great time. I even met there a friend with whom I usually didn’t have time to meet in Bucharest and then when he wished me HB we found out that we were both there.

For this birthday I was planning a big party with many friends, in order to celebrate the fact that I was all ‘grown-up’. Beside the fact that I was gonna receive presents from my guests, I also wanted to have something to give them back. Nothing much, just a symbol for them, as a reminder of taking part in my party.

So, in Vienna I found these cute chinese fortune cookies and I bought A LOT of them! And I mean that when I say it, because I remember giving them to people at my party, spreading them in my family, I had some too, and I still had many left! And I started to invite friends at my place and treat them with fortune cookies.

One day, after we ate and before having the fortune cookies, the important question was asked – ‘Who’s gonna wash the dishes?’. We opened the fortune cookies and I was saved! Here’s what my fortune said:


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Thank God! 🙂