31 Days Challenge, Day 7 – Obsession

Yes, I admit it, I was obsessed with Maroon 5. Even more, I had a big crush on Adam Levine.


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All this until he became someone’s husband.

And I love London, did I mention that?

So, when my trip to London in January 2014 happened at the same time as the Maroon 5 concert in London, that was it. I would like to thank all the people who made this possible, like Maroon 5 for having the concert, Adam – my Couchsurfing host, Mark – my Couchsurfing friend who helped me get a ticket, easyJet for flying me there, my parents for getting me the plane ticket as a present for my bday and last but not least, to myself, who bought the ticket and planned all this, as a present for birthday, yes.

I got really lucky finding a ticket, since this concert was being held instead of the original one in July 2013 that was cancelled. So the tickets were the ones bought for July and the few ones that were still available in January had a price around 150£. Thanks to my friend Mark, who had an extra ticket, I was the lucky one to have it for 60£. Thank yoooouu, Mark!

About the concert, it was amazing, I loved it, but I got really annoyed with the steward at the O2 Arena who didn’t let me take videos. Pictures were okay, but no videos. Like, why?! It’s not like the whole arena was taking videos of the concert, she had to pick on me since I was the one staying at the beginning of the row. Still, I had one taken, you can view it here.

Robin Thicke was the one to open the concert for Maroon 5 and he was lovely. Not as lovely as Adam, of course, but I was moved by his live performance of Dreamworld.


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P.S.: You can see a synopsis of my trip to London here.