Sunday Folk Tale

I’m not usually the one to believe in religious stories, I just listen to them and move on. But a few days ago I learned about the one I’m about to share, that made me stop and think for a moment there. Maybe it’s because lately I’ve been struggling with having control over stuff or maybe just because this folk tale spoke to a part of me, but I just knew I had to share it. So, it goes like this…

‘There was once a guy who was so desperate for happiness that he started doing penance up in the mountains of Himalayas. He prayed and prayed for many years and finally, God was so pleased with him that He appeared in front of him and said:

– My son, I am very pleased with your prayers and I am here to grant you whatever wish you have.
– Thank you God, my wish is that whenever I wish for something, that should immediately happen.
– Done, my son. Your wish is granted.

God vanished and the man was ecstatic. He immediately wished that he could look young again and his wish was granted. Then he wished to learn many new languages from around the world and that too happened. Then he wished to have a really nice palace to live in and some great friends to hang out with, so those things happened too.

It would continue like this for a while, he would just think of something and even if we wanted wine, women, fun or anything in the world, he got it.

But, after a couple of months of living like this, the man discovered he wasn’t happy. In fact, he started to feel quite depressed. Whatever he wanted and whenever he wanted it, he would get it. All this robbed the thrill from life. So he called God again and told Him:
– You know, I think I wanna be transferred to Hell right now. This Heaven that I am living doesn’t seem to be working out for me.
God then turned around and laughed and told the man: Where do you think you’ve been all this time?


Just remember: A life that is predictable and totally under your control is actually not a good life, but a boring life that gives you nothing to learn about and no challenge to make you better.




Lesson learned from Coursera online course – A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment 🙂