Real or Fake?

People, we’re talking about people here. Not LV bags, not RayBans. Just people.

How do you distinguish fake people from real people? You know, those who say one thing and then do another, or act in one way and then have an attitude that reveals total instability regarding the way they presented themselves.

Well, let me tell you a story. I once had a boyfriend whose mother when she first met me, already hugged me and called me names like ‘baby’, ‘princess’, honey’, ‘dear’, etc. Now, that would not have seemed suspicious to me, if she didn’t do the same thing with my best friend the first time she met her (it was a reunion).

Maybe I’m a bit direct and don’t take any cr*p from anyone, but I asked my boyfriend how his mother can be like that to anyone – literally anyone she just met. I mean, I can’t trust anyone who acts like that, I’m sorry. I can’t confide in someone who treats everyone the same, even though they don’t know them.

His reply was that his mother only behaves like that to his friends, to people who come from his side, because she trusts him enough to know that if those are his friends, then they’re nice persons. Yeah, didn’t make it any better. But I accepted his answer at the time, since I’m not the person to look for fights – and still, she was his mother.

So, one day, I was craving really bad for those instant soups in the super – I know, unhealthy. So we go to the store and buy a couple of those and got back to his house, where he starts craving also, once I had made mine. His mother turned into this drama queen, yelling that she cooks healthy food and he eats stupid soups. She didn’t refer to me directly but I could see it in her eyes that she was blaming me. And then I got to thinking – where did that sweet lady that called me ‘honey’ and ‘sweetie’ disappear?…

Okay, no problem. Her actions, her business. I didn’t felt guilty so I moved on easily. Next week, she cooked a sort of food that can be made both with meat or without it. I’m a vegetarian and his mother knew that very well, especially since she tried to convince me to eat meat several times. My own family understands and accepts my choice, I wasn’t gonna stand there and be forced by a stranger to eat meat.

So, she cooks this meal and I ask her if there was any kind of meat as ingredient and she assures me there is not. I start to eat and guess what… There was chicken. Apparently, if the chicken is minced and mixed with vegetables, then it’s not meat anymore.

That was my bottom line. From that moment on, I knew I would not get along with that woman. All due respect to her for giving birth to the man I once loved, but any relationship and human interaction should be based on respect and understanding. Which she did not have towards myself and my way of life.

She was not the only fake person I met in this life, I couldn’t be that lucky! But she is the star of the most relevant story on this topic. Now, I even got her point of view, but I just didn’t want to interact with her unless it was necessary.

How do you react when confronted with fake people?

I remember they used to make my blood boil until I got to realize that it’s their problem for not respecting one’s choices. So why should I be mad for other’s people personal problems?! 🙂 The picture below pretty much sums it up.

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