So there’s that…


You know there are times in life when you just live day by day and you feel like everything is smooth, maybe too smooth, even boring at times. But that’s okay, it’s just fine because then the moment comes and you come back to reality thanks certain people you meet and make everything more interesting around them, including your life.

So next time I’m thinking about complaining of a boring life, I’ll make sure to remember the story below.

It goes like this: a few days ago I end up at the hospital for a certain issue and after five hours of waiting, the doctor arrives. He apologizes for making me wait and welcomes me into his office. There, the consultation begins and he tells me he would like to spend more time talking to me so he starts to ask lots of questions. Some of them I thought were pretty irrelevant for the given situation but he stops me and asks for my patience whenever he would see me frown. He assures me that eventually I will see the point of all this. But somehow, when I left the doctor’s office I was still confused.
Aaaand also so amused that I burst into laughing with tears. After just one hour in his office, this doctor made me leave the hospital smiling and then laughing really hard when by myself in the car. And then again, the same whenever I would talk to a friend and told them about the happening.

So, this doctor – that I would mention no names or specialty about – had a big cabinet with lots of shelves each one of them filled with holy images. And the same went for the windowsill. Normally, one of the firsts questions was about me being a religious person or not. Then, we moved on to talking about tattoos:

– So now you’ve already got ink on you… But at least don’t have any more tattoos done. You’re gonna see that when you find your man, the perfect one to share a life with, his kiss will feel different on the inked parts of your body.

Okaaay, mhm, I wasn’t gonna get into a debate about that. But then he went on and started talking about psychological stuff. I tried to tell him I am just fine, not crazy, I’ve got a therapist to turn to in case of anything. Somehow, the doctor was trying to tell me that I’m fine and I’m just stressed. I admitted I experienced a bit of that in the past year but that I am fine now and over it.

– I am going to be honest with you. I can see you need a man to complete you. You need him as a partner, to be a support to you, a lover, a protector, a father…

– All due respect, I think I’ve got that covered.

– Look, if you want I can present you one of my friends. He’s a good guy and would be perfect for you. He’s in his 40s, divorced, has got a high school kid and is a mayor somewhere (can’t remember where).

I spent my last minutes trying to convince him I was fine and there was no need for such efforts and I managed to put an end to the conversation. So the consultation has ended and I had no diagnosis. Oh yeah, at the end he asked me if I’ve got any holy stuff in my house (images, pictures, icons, statues) and I assured him I was fine on that also.

The medical letter he gave me after the consultation said that my diagnosis was ‘stress’. STRESS!!! That’s it, all I’ve got is stress. Thank God, huh! bog ana maria popa so what whatever