Bad Moms: Not just another dumb movie

I must admit that the trailer helped me get the idea that Bad Moms is just another cliché and stupid movie, perfect for watching only when you’ve got nothing better to do.

I got to watch it pushed by a friend. We found ourselves in the mood for a movie and we had to choose between Legend of Tarzan and Bad Moms. So the guy wanted this one, thinking it’s gonna be really funny and dumb and we’re gonna laugh our hats off. But we both got surprised and concluded it’s a pretty good movie that’s more than meets the eye. It really deserves to be watched and felt.

From here on: spoiler alert! Well, the action goes around the war between moms at a school – who is perfect, who does what good, who is trying to dictate trends and events, etc. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn go against the perfect moms at their kids’s school, so they start this game of power and proving wrong to the team of Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo. And here the trailer paints it best – they start to drink and go out, spend time in town and put their kids on second place. bad moms mame bune nebune review mila kunis kristen bell kathryn hahn

They give up on cooking for their kids and make them do their own homework, they go to the school baking event with stuff they weren’t allowed to bring so they get into a fight with the perfect moms that start to search revenge by messing with the kids. It all gets real when children have to suffer for their mothers’s war and they start to blame their mothers for the egotism they reveal. bad moms mame bune nebune review christina applegate

Then, Mila Kunis thinks she will beat the perfect mom’s boss – Christina Applegate – at her own game so she gets ready to run for parents committee presidency. Although the end of the movie is a happy one, it brings balance to every situation. Yeah, I know, I know – no catfight, you’re disappointed. But Mila Kunis wins the elections thanks to a speech where she admits she is a woman and a human being, in addition to the mother status. The kids learn to cook for themselves and manage their own homework. Aaand the fight with the supreme-perfect-mom ends when this one stops being rude and shows off her human side, by crying after she lost the elections and admitting her life wasn’t perfect at all, that all she enjoyed in her life was that parents committee activity.

Aside from the fast-forwarded image I painted above, the movie has really got some funny moments that will make you laugh. But what gets you the most is the message and the feeling you get. And that is – mothers are not perfect, no matter how much we got that idea during childhood. I know we were taught that they are supreme gods and they’ve got all the answers. And however extreme some things in the movie get, the idea is that they are still human beings just like anybody else and not even they know everything all the time, what to do in every situation of their life. They also need rest and peace, they need their own time and they don’t get it right every time, they don’t get their kids and they do make mistakes, even if it’s out of love.

One of the things I appreciated in Mila Kunis’s speech was – ‘When I think I got my kid and I know what he wants, he grows up and and I have to start all over again, to adapt to him so we can get along and don’t fight anymore.’ 🙂

The movies has got literally nothing stupid or dumb in it, it just paints the day-to-day image. And even if moms don’t practice what the actresses in the movie did, that doesn’t mean they haven’t thought about it at least once. Understanding that they too are people and make mistakes will make everything better in the end.

But the cherry on top was the personal note that closed the movie – the main actresses and their moms got together and shared stories about their own childhoods and the struggles they had in their mother-daughter relationship. It was made to feel it and I haven’t seen not one person that would not leave the cinema without a smile on their faces.

All I can wish to you is to enjoy it 🙂 And I bet it will really make you wanna call your mom afterwards. bad moms mame bune nebune review mila kunis kristen bell kathryn hahn christina applegate poster

Photos: IMDB și one more.