Exercising against back pain

The story goes like this: the last few days I’ve been having really serious back pain when I wake up in the morning. Which is not completely out of the ordinary if you think I haven’t exercisedin a few months, three or so. But it’s not normal either for my 25 years old. And somehow, without even having to search for what to do on this, my Inbox received an email with the following recommendation when fighting back pain.

anamariapopa.com blog sport post sarah kusch abs workout
This chick is a fitness expert and the exercises she teaches in the following video seem pretty easy (to her, at least). Now, even the required equipment is light: fitness mat and fitness ball. So I think it really deserves a shot.

Apparently the exercises Sarah Kusch does there target all the abdominal muscles and that is what makes them perfect for fighting against back pain. The fitness ball also has its role, use it a bit deflated so it’s soft and not bothering you.

Overall, this looks like a great choice for when you want to get rid of that back pain. In the end, there is nothing to lose. All I gotta do now is find my fitness ball, take my fitness mat out of the closet and search really thoroughly my motivation (cause I really don’t know where that’s gone to).

So let’s enjoy exercising and get healthy! 🙂