Golden Retrievers – Your reason to smile today

Now, did you know that I love dogs?

I don’t make any difference if it’s a puppy or an adult dog, if it’s stray or purebreed or if it’s a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd (it’s just a coincidence that they are both fav of mine).

Today I came across this video here and it just made my day, so I wanted to share it with you!


They are so silly and cute and adorable and sweet and funny with their noses like that, I just can’t!

That reminds me of a friend’s dog, also a Golden Retriever. Man, that dog is awesome! His name is Koss and he should be about 8yo now, but he’s so playful as a puppy! Just look at him:


This is Koss getting in a fight with a sprinkler in the park...

This is Koss getting in a fight with a sprinkler in the park…


And this is me, trying to bite his head...

And this is me, trying to bite his head…


Here he tries to look dandy...

Here he tries to look dandy…


His reaction when it comes to receiving cuddles...

His reaction when it comes to receiving cuddles…


He even takes care of his teeth by visiting the dentist!

He even takes care of his teeth by visiting the dentist!


Yeah, he is really something else 🙂 I love him, I love Golden Retrievers, I love dogs. Look in their eyes and you’ll see the answer why. blog post golden retriever silly portret funny fun park

25 years of Pretty Woman

So this is what a 25 years difference does to a cast. They look pretty good, huh?

pretty woman 25 years celebration julia roberts richard gere amp blog ana maria popa


I was fascinated with Julia Roberts when I was little, people told me I looked like her and I always thought she was pretty, so that was a huge compliment to me 🙂

Funny thing – I read so many funny things about this movie today, that I had to share of them that made me giggle.


It's not Julia Robert's body on the poster. Her head was cut and photoshoped on the body of the famous body double, Shelley Michelle.

1. It’s not Julia Robert’s body on the poster. Her head was cut and photoshoped on the body of the famous body double, Shelley Michelle.

2. The original title of the movie was ‘3000$’, as in the money she was supposed to receive after the night spent with the business man.

3. On the poster, Richard Gere’s hair looks dark, but in the movie he’s got grey hair.

4. Julia Roberts’s character, Vivian, was supposed to be a drug addict, modest and ill-educated girl. But in the end, they went the other way.

5. Initially, Vivian was supposed to be played by Molly Ringwald.

5. Initially, Vivian was supposed to be played by Molly Ringwald.

6. Al Pacino was offered the role of Edward and he turned it down.

7. Julia Roberts was treated like a princess on the set – the director, Gerry Marshall himself, gave her a massage and tickled her for two scenes where Roberts was so tense that a vein popped on her forehead, and the other one when she was supposed to laugh.

8. The scene with the necklace was an improvisation of Richard Gere when he closed the jelewery box on Julia Roberts's hand.

8. The scene with the necklace was an improvisation of Richard Gere when he closed the jelewery box on Julia Roberts’s hand.

9. The necklace on the same scene was custom-made for the movie and worth a quarter million dollars.

10. The car in the movie was a Lotus, because Ferrari and Porsche denied to have their cars in this movie. And that was because neither of them wanted to be associated with prostitution.

10. The car in the movie was a Lotus, because Ferrari and Porsche denied to have their cars in this movie. And that was because neither of them wanted to be associated with prostitution.

11. Richard Gere stated back in 2012 that ‘Pretty Woman’ was his least fav movie… Oh 🙁

12. The movie is the 4th highest romantic comedy in American history, with approx. 180 million $. Only ‘Hitch’, ‘What Women Want’ and ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ top that.

13. Julia Roberts was nominated for Oscar – Best Actress and it was the only Academy Award nomination this movie received.


I’ll leave you with the oh-so-famous soundtrack, where the movie also got its title from – Roy Orbinson-Pretty Woman 🙂

Luck or no Luck?

People fear Friday the 13th, they say about it that it’s the unluckiest day of the year. They even got a name for this type of phobia, known as the friggatriskaidekaphobia. But why all this, where did it all start?

Well apparently, there is no evidence of this superstition before the 19th century. But still, the number 13 is considered to be cursed, because of the fact that 12 is known as the fullness number – 12 hours on the clock, 12 months of the year, 12 Apostles of Jesus, 12 Gods of Olympus and so on.

In 1881, there was an organization of 13 members, who tried to sweeten the number’s reputation. they were called The Thirteen Club. But not even they managed to make it better for this pour number.

In many cities, streets like 13th Avenue don’t even exist. Or some buildings don’t have a 13th floor. Like some planes don’t have a 13th row. Some airports don’t have a 13th gate. And some hospitals don’t own a 13th room.

I really don’t get it why people hate such a wonderful number like 13, it only brought me luck during my life. I passed my driving license exam on a Friday 13th, lots of my lovely relationships started on days of 13th, whatever the month, and also, I’ve some of my best friends on days of 13.

And now, let’s hear some myths about this lovely (to some) day:

  • A child born on Friday the 13th will be unlucky for life
  • If you cut your hair on Friday the 13th, someone in your family will die
  • If you break a mirror on Friday the 13th, you will have seven years of bad luck
  • Do not start a trip on Friday or you will encounter misfortune
  • If a funeral procession passes you on Friday the 13th, you will be the next to die.


I guess that’s too bad…



No Smoking Day, 2015

UK celebrates today the national ‘No Smoking Day’. Now, I know I’m not one of theirs (although, does loving British accent count? How about missing London? Or maybe having a British ex-boyfriend? No? Ok…) but it made me think. Made me think about all the people I met in my life and smoke, and also about me, cause I used to smoke too.

I first tried smoking in my first year of high school. All my friends did it and it was cool. Also, they used to go outside on breaks, so I would be the only one staying with the geeks. At least, that’s how I saw things then. So I tried smoking, it was no good, it wasn’t for me.

Until a few years later, when my friends in uni smoked. And I was going through a break up. So I started finding peace in smoking. Until I started having heart palpitations from smoking a pack a day and drinking energy drinks like they were water. And then I quit.

Until my last year of university, when I was stressed. So I started doing it again. Also, back then I had a boyfriend with whom I lived and who used to smoke. A lot. So we smoked together (a great couple does silly things together, right?!). Until he and I broke up.

And that was it. I stopped smoking for good, initially because of the fact that it hurt me, emotionally speaking. The smoke itself, myself smoking and the people around me who smoked or anything that smelled like smoke reminded me of him. So I had to quit in order to get over him. It wasn’t until later that I realized I was only smoking to relieve stress, so I found another way to do it. I joined a gym. This is my happy ending.

Now, I am no judge of people who smoke or why they do it. Everyone has their reasons and every each and one of us knows what’s best for them. But I will tell you one thing that I learned after having many friends who smoked and also some ex-boyfriends.

I would never ever be able to have a serious relationship with someone who smokes. It may seem a bit hypocritical of me, since I used to enjoy it. But the reasoning is simple – I can’t watch my love one hurt himself. I now work in the medical field, more or less. I’ve seen what smoking does to the oral health only, so don’t even get me started in general.

Also, and this is my personal perk – I want, I need to feel the natural smell of someone’s skin. It’s a part of love, part of a relationship. How could I fall in love with someone who always smells like smoke? With someone who smells like thousands others? Yeah, I’ve been there, it wasn’t special.

So, my message to my smoking friends and people who are dear to me? blog post no smoking day british national day stop-smoking-because-i-love-you


10 Lovely Quotes about Spring

The amazing season called Spring is officially here! It’s time for the sun to shine and the flowers to blossom. It’s the time to be happy for the days that will get longer and the rainbows (so what if they follow the April showers). Also, perfect moment to be in love with anything and everything! Oh, and Goodbye winter jackets – Hello to the walks in the park!

I feel like Spring brings out the optimistic side of people, it makes them more happy and beautiful. As it does to the nature, also. People and trees both, are blooming! Since it’s my fav season of the year, I’ll leave you with my top random quotes about Spring 🙂


1. blog post fav season cummings in love flowers spring quote


2. blog post fav season christina rossetti life alive flowers spring quote


3. blog post spring quote fav season seneca end beginning ana maria popa


4. blog post fav season carew papritz life alive flowers spring quote love bouquet


5. blog post spring quote robin williams sweet fav season lets party


6. blog post spring quote george herbert sweet season


7. blog post fav season john muir life alive flowers spring quote love bouquet joyful enthusiasm (1)


8. blog post pablo neruda spring wuote fav season lovely cherry trees


9. blog post spring quote fav season lovely cherry trees state of mind


10. blog post spring quote french proverb sweet fav season believe in roses


Let us have a wonderful one!

When plans don’t go your way…

You create new ones.

We know life is good when we have control over it, but what happens when you don’t?

I used to teach people about how to let go of the need of control… I learned how to let go of it and enjoy life, I worked real hard with myself in order to do that. My need for control was so big that I had a fear of the dark until I was 18 years old. I am proud to say that I confronted it and defeated it, once I learned that it came from my fear of losing control. In the dark, I could not see things so I was scared. Now I enjoy, both the loss of control and the dark.

And since this is a lesson that many people could benefit from, I started teaching it… Until I encountered a less than happy situation.

I ended last year with a terrible cold – or at least, that’s what I thought it was. Immediately after Christmas, during New Year’s Eve and until February, I was constantly sick. I had many symptoms related to a cold, so I treated it as one. Later on, it turned into a sinusitis, which I instantly recognized since I have it very often. It didn’t get better so I went to my doctor’s office, who said it was bronchitis. I started treatment, only to get worse over weekend and to end up at a hospital, where I found it was a severe sinus infection, plus another severe nasal septum deviation, plus another thing. To tell the short version, my nose was causing me not being able to breathe, sleep, eat or stand. Basically, every little thing that helps one enjoy a life.

Back from the hospital and on new treatment, I went home only to feel really bad the next night. So, naturally, the next morning they put me in hospital, on perfusion. And here it goes like this: on my way to the hospital, I get a phone call from my cousin in the other part of the country, letting me know that my grandfather had died that morning…

I started crying, yelling, shouting, screaming that it wouldn’t be true… I hadn’t seen him in 3 years. The history goes that my parents split up when I was 8 years old, that would be 15 years ago. My father’s family is across the country, at a 8h drive and 12h ride by train… In addition to that, I didn’t keep in touch with my dad, so it wasn’t that easy for me to go visit that side of the family, but I would always think of them and remember my childhood and memories with them, before the age of 8. Still, I had a chance to visit them a few years ago.

My grandfather was the one who used to please every little thing me and my cousin wanted… And he hadn’t changed over the years. I felt like a child again… I promised to visit more often… But time passed by real quick and 3 years after I went there, he died and I wasn’t there at least one more time… The sad part? While I was sick and couldn’t breathe or sleep, I thought of him and I had planned to visit this summer, just a few months from then. I also wanted to tell my cousin to say to him that I was thinking of him… But I hadn’t had the chance, being sick I wasn’t in the mood to give phone calls… And then I receive the news from her…

I cried for 3 hours nonstop, and then I went blank. I wasn’t allowed to cry having a needle stuck in my vein, while at the hospital… So I tried to retain myself until I got home. After a few days, at home, I cried again, but I had no more tears. It just hurt so much and I blamed myself for not visiting or for at least not letting my cousin know that I think of him, so she can say to him and that he could hear it one more time before he went away… I just blamed myself for many things, I pushed away all my friends who tried to be by my side. As I told them, I felt that words couldn’t help me, I just needed some time alone. And so I took that time and it helped me. It helped me rationalize all this, so I wouldn’t blame myself anymore and so that I could take back my life, step by step. I was – and still am – devastated and it still hurts so much, I don’t yet feel the need to socialize with people.

The though part is that I work in PR, Communication and Networking. I am still on sick leave, I don’t feel functional… But I do have hope that I will be back there soon, because I love my job and I love what I do. I already am better than last week, I started reading and have interest in day-to-day life. I watched movies and took my time to get better. My friends have been there for me, even though I did not ask them to. The only I thing I did ask them was to leave me alone so that I can have my own time, to get better at my own pace. Because in their wish to make me feel better, they were always calling and sending me texts and visiting me, but the questions were always the same – how was I feeling, how was I holding up… I appreciated their concern and now I appreciate them even more because they gave me exactly what I needed, when I needed it. They were there for me until I told them not to be, and then they gave me space, they gave me time. Until I went back to them and started initiating conversations. That was the moment they knew I was ready for the next level, and then they were there again, by my side.

It’s not easy, losing someone dear… And it’s not your fault, it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s okay to take as much time as one can, to be functional both physically and emotionally – because a loss causes damage to both. I literally felt like my heart was tearing up and falling into pieces when I found out. I actually felt physical pain…

Some people are more used to the feeling, but to me, it was my first experience of this kind. I was lucky to be surrounded by people who care for me, and who understood and offered me what I needed. Because it hurts to realize that nobody can help you but you, and the sad part is that not even you can find a way to help yourself… It’s all about the time that passes, that’s the only thing that makes it better… Of course, your will to bounce back is an important key to all this.

It still hurts, but I found out that I was the only one who could help me… Especially since other people’s lives go on, regardless what you’re going through. Also, no matter how many people surround you and care about you, at the end of the day, at night, you’re still alone with your own thoughts and memories… Try to make peace with yourself, to be able to have a life. Because there is life after loss, no matter how hard it seems at the moment. blog post death sadness loss grandfather when life doesnt go your way plans ruined losing control quote


I started this post by saying that I used to teach people about letting go the need of control. I also told you that I thought I was already living a life in which I was okay with the loss of control. Recently, I found out that loss of control comes in many ways, and the only thing that you really can control, is your reaction to it.

Even though it sounds like a cliche, trust me, things get better with time…

Happy Nutella Day!

We have a day for everything these days… We celebrate even the weirdest things, from toothaches and having ice cream for breakfast to losing pennies and working naked (wtf?!)… And these are only a few of the celebration days we’ve got this month…

So, let’s take a day to celebrate Nutella too, in 2015 it’s got its 9th anniversary! 🙂

The World Nutella Day was created in 2007 by an American blogger and it has its own website –, its own Facebook page – here, its own Twitter account – here and also its own hashtag on Twitter – #WorldNutellaDay.

Well, history tells us that it was in 1940s that Nutella got on the market and despite the many imitations, couldn’t be replaced since. Apparently, at some level, we can thank Napoleon for the creation of Nutella, when he tried to freeze out British commerce and left the chocolatiers in big trouble. These started adding chopped hazelnuts to the chocolate in order to stretch the supply as much as possible. The result? A pasta named Gianduja.

In the WWII, the Italian pastry makes, Pietro Ferrero once again created Pasta Gianduja, that was originally a solid block that could be sliced and served on bread. The Ferrero Rocher company is the one that owns Nutella now, of course.

Pasta Gianduja afterwards became known as Supercrema when it went from the solid block of chocolate and into a spreadable chocolate cream. It was renamed Nutella in 1964 when the product was first introduced to the UK. So the name turned 50 years old last year, wow!

After a bit of history, I’ll leave you with the most funny/weird things to know about Nutella:

1. You could circle the world 1.4 times with the amount of Nutella produced in one year.

2. You could cover the Great Wall of China eight times with the number of jars of Nutella sold in a year.

3. One jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds throughout the world. That is amazing, considering the fact that across the world, a baby is born every 8 seconds.

4. The owners of Ferrero currently use 25% of the world’s hazelnuts.

5. You can’t name your baby Nutella, in France… Ooops.

6. There are Nutella restaurants in New York, Frankfurt and Bologna.

7. Italian shops used to offer a smear of Nutella for free to kids, if they came in with a slice of bread.


Want more? Learn how to say ‘Happy Nutella Day’ in languages all over the world – here!


P.S.: Even my bear loves it!

P.S.: Even my bear loves it!